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Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
Experience it All

For 20 days, you’ll have the chance to island hop through Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, on this once in a lifetime backpacking adventure. This country offers an infinity of possibilities for an epic adventure but we think we’ve nailed the perfect recipe for you to experience Indonesia in 20-days with just enough beach time, cultural experiences and adrenaline filled activity. Landing in the busy city of Jakarta is where your journey begins and it will take you to the beautiful Javanese beach town of Pangandaran, followed by Yogyakarta to see the sun rise over the spectacular Borobudur Buddhist temple, to Ubud the Balinese cultural hub, the volcanic island of Lombok to hike and camp overnight on the mystifying Mount Rinjani, that will take you to the more relaxing part of the trip when we reach the tiny paradise of the Gili Islands, and finally the trip wraps up in Kuta, Bali where you can surf all day and dance all night! If you are looking to relax on the beach with nonstop parties for 20 days, this trip isn't for you, but if you are looking to see many different places, have cultural experiences, do a plethora of activities as well as getting in some beach time then come Experience it All in Indonesia!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia

A huge and sprawling megalopolis and capital to the world's 4th most populous country, Jakarta is at the very centre of Indonesia's rapid industriousness. Its high density of concrete buildings and high-rises jammed alongside its oft-gridlocked streets make Jakarta a bit daunting at first, and we won't try to fool anyone it's not the prettiest city to look at either. But the people of the city are surprisingly upbeat and relatively good-natured, compared to other cities of its size the crime rate in Jakarta is actually extremely low. And hidden amongst all the chaos of the city lies cool cafes, gorgeous hotels and lounges, and some very rad bars. So although we try to make our time in Jakarta as brief as possible, that doesn't mean we won't enjoy the night we have here!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia

Home to a huge stretch of pristine volcanic black sand, Pangandaran's beach runs far past its town and into an endless, completely secluded paradise. Pangandaran Beach is wide and flat making it an ideal location for beach games and laying down your sarong to soak in the sun. The beach also sports a stellar beach break ideal for learning how to surf or for taking advantage of the nice, slow-moving waves to hone your skills. A quick walk further down the beach will take you to a national park formed by a narrow peninsula between two long sweeping beach bays where you can gawk at the beauty of the place and if you keep alert eyes, see an exotic array of monkeys, lizards and birds. Pangandaran is, without a doubt, one of Indonesia's premier beach towns!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia

Java’s culture-filled capital Yogyakarta, is the Javanese heart and soul of Indonesia, where its art and traditions are most present. The Hindu and Buddhist temples surrounding Yogyakarta are some of the oldest in Southeast Asia and include the colossal Borobudur, a massive and intricate temple set in a stunning jungle setting. There are many other cultural sights like the sultans old palace of Kraton and the water castle of Taman Sari. Some of the best markets in Indonesia are found in Yogyakarta and you can find virtually anything including the local's famous Batik artwork at the various marketplaces around the city. A very artistic city, its huge size is not over-bearing as the many cafes, malls and urban centres maintain an old-style way of living.

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia

Hidden amongst the jungle canopies of Bali, Ubud exists in its own universe of creative mystique. Popularized in ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ Ubud lives up to its reputation of intrigue, with an impressive display of handmade items for sale and a myriad of cafes, shops and spiritual temples to spend your time. Much of the experience of being in Ubud, however, is simply enjoying Ubud. It can be amazing all on its own to just walk around and soak in the sights of the dense rainforest, the active wildlife and the shimmering rice terraces decorating the hills. Be sure to either take as many photos as you can or keep an alert memory so you can savour everything about your experience in Ubud!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is a massive active volcano on the island of Lombok, it rises to 12, 224 ft (so it's no quick hike), but it's sure to provide some of the most breath-taking views of your life that'll make the long hike more than worth it. On Mount Rinjani is a huge crater lake known as Segara Anak (Child of the Sea) that is an absolutely wondrous sight to see as you trudge up the mountain. But once you get to the top, you rise above the clouds and stand on top of the world feeling like a god on Mount Olympus, a fitting reward for the long hike! And instead of just hiking right back down we set up tents on top of Mount Rinjani with our whole group and have an amazing night enjoying the awesome camping experience. In the morning you're sure to awaken to one of the most memorable sights of your life as you open up the tent flap to stare out across the surrounding landscape as the first colourful rays of sun reach across the horizon and seemingly paint the sky.

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands, located off the northwest corner of Lombok, is an incredibly glorious place where there are no cars, the beaches are as nice as can be and the turquoise water is as calm and clear as a swimming pool. The pristine reefs surrounding The Gili Islands host a fascinating array of exotic marine life. A good way to spend a day is popping on a snorkel mask, spotting 1 of the many sea turtles around the islands and simply following him around for awhile! The Gili Islands are a great place to kick back and enjoy the wonderful life of being on a tropical island, complete with wild beach parties at night!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
Kuta Beach, Bali

The legendary island of Bali is what originally put Indonesia on traveler's radar - teeming with party-hardy travelers and a spectacular stretch of beach, Kuta Beach is arguably the liveliest beach destination in Bali. Home to the nicest sunsets in Indonesia, the beach stretches further than the eye can see and makes for a perfect place to learn to surf or perfect your wave-shredding abilities. The nightlife in Kuta is infamously awesome and when passing through this town you're sure to have a memorable (or hard to remember) night or two! Our stopover in Kuta beach is always full of wicked activities, chill beach days, great shopping and epic parties, making it a perfect spot for a Free & Easy group!

: 10 days in Thailand

We are currently running a trip in a different format, please see this link

: 10 days in Thailand

The largest city and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known not only as the gateway to Thailand but to all of Southeast Asia. At around 10 million people, Bangkok is a hive of activity and is full of people from all over the world. Its eclectic mix of residents and travellers creates one of the most international and diverse major cities in the world. Despite its diversity in people, Bangkok is very traditionally Thai - some of the most elaborate and extraordinary Buddhist temples lie within Bangkok and the city is filled with beautiful dedications to the King and the Royal Family, including The Grand Palace. There is an infinity of places to explore in this city and things to do, but most people will spend their time doing what Bangkok has become infamous with travellers for: shopping, eating amazing food and epic partying!

: 10 days in Thailand
Chiang Mai

Nestled along the lush northern foothills of Thailand, brightened by hundreds of sacred temples and made festive by the fun-loving population, Chiang Mai embodies the heart and soul of Thai culture: holy and happy. Built around the old moated town centre, still outlined by a massive and crumbling stone wall, Chiang Mai is a progressive city that holds on tightly to its rich history. The peaceful nature of the city carries right into the night-time as Chiang Mai boasts one of the most devout and lively reggae music scenes outside of Jamaica. And with an endless amount of bucket-list activities within the city, from bungee jumping to climbing up to Doi Suthep, the lure of Chiang Mai and its world-famous food will make it very difficult for you to leave!

: 10 days in Thailand
karen school volunteer thailand
Karen Hilltribe Village

Deep in the rain forests of Northern Thailand on the banks of the Mae Thang River you will find a remote Karen Hill Tribe village. The beauty and friendliness of this village is something that will last with you long after you leave. You will get to meet some incredible people that have been living here for generations as well as the village’s most loved inhabitants, 2 Asian elephants. You will get the chance to live the life of a mahout (elephant trainer) with the opportunity to swim with, wash and feed these beautiful animals. Another can’t miss experience is waking up early and tracking the elephants in the morning. The animals are allowed to roam free in the jungle all night and are retrieved and walked back to camp in the morning by the mahout. An adventure worth getting up for! We will get dirty in the jungle working side by side with local villagers to build dams in the nearby fresh water streams. These dams will allow the villagers to have access to clean water during the dry season. There will also be plenty of opportunities to help the local villagers plant trees, weave baskets, and cook tradition Thai-style jungle meals. After a day of hard work and bonding with the locals it is good fun to try the local rice-based “happy water” by the evening fire. We will depart from the village on a homemade bamboo raft that will take us down the river through the lush rain forests to our next destination!

: 10 days in Thailand
Pa Khaw Lam Village

On our journey to the Pa Khaw Lam Village we will stop at a massive waterfall in the middle of the rainforest to go for a swim and wash the mud off. This will set the tone for just what an amazing place you’ve entered before you arrive at one of the biggest and most breathtaking hilltribe villages in the region. The Mae Thang River divides the village in two and is connected by a picturesque suspension bridge. Walking through the village you will see the hustle and bustle of traditional village life. Don’t be surprised if you are invited by the locals to have some fresh tea or take part in a game of Tek Raw – a skillful and fun local sport. This village has the biggest boarding school in the area with some children walking 4 hours from their home village and back every weekend to attend. There are over 120 students and 5 teachers at the school. Our program will focus on providing positive fun educational experiences for these students as well as working with the students on projects around the school. We will work to improve the school garden to enrich the children’s lunch program, as well as create educational resources to help the teachers continue to develop their English program. Our time here is an incredible opportunity to leave an impact on the village and its children that will leave long-lasting benefits for years to come.

Epic Adventure

30 Days in Thailand, Indonesia







Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
Experience it All

For 20 days, you’ll have the chance to island hop through Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, on this once in a lifetime backpacking adventure. This country offers an infinity of possibilities for an epic adventure but we think we’ve nailed the perfect recipe for you to experience Indonesia in 20-days with just enough beach time, cultural experiences and adrenaline filled activity. Landing in the busy city of Jakarta is where your journey begins and it will take you to the beautiful Javanese beach town of Pangandaran, followed by Yogyakarta to see the sun rise over the spectacular Borobudur Buddhist temple, to Ubud the Balinese cultural hub, the volcanic island of Lombok to hike and camp overnight on the mystifying Mount Rinjani, that will take you to the more relaxing part of the trip when we reach the tiny paradise of the Gili Islands, and finally the trip wraps up in Kuta, Bali where you can surf all day and dance all night! If you are looking to relax on the beach with nonstop parties for 20 days, this trip isn't for you, but if you are looking to see many different places, have cultural experiences, do a plethora of activities as well as getting in some beach time then come Experience it All in Indonesia!

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia
: 10 days in Thailand

We are currently running a trip in a different format, please see this link

: 10 days in Thailand

Itinerary for this adventure

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IMPORTANT: If you are doing a combo trip and booking your own flights, please contact us to confirm the start and end point of your trip.

Experience it All: 20 days in Indonesia

Day 1 Jakarta
Group flights arrive in the afternoon or late evening. If you arrive early you will have the opportunity to walk the bustling streets of Jakarta and visit the National Monument and surrounding park. This is the perfect occasion to sample Indonesian cuisine and beverages while getting to know your group.
Day 2-4 Pangandaran
Take a private A/C bus from Jakarta to Pangandaran. While in Pangandaran you will get to experience, beach bonfires, surfing, the Green Canyon tour, a local fish market and more!
Day 5-6 Yogyakarta
Take a bus and then train to Yogyakarta. Here visit historic Borobudur, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world, and watch the sunrise over volcanoes on the horizon. We also have a fun way of showing you some of the hidden gems of this culturally rich city.
Day 7-8 Ubud
Take a flight from Yogyakarta to Denpasar where mini buses will take you to the cultural destination of Ubud. Here we will see the more rural side of Bali and get a chance to see monkeys, temples and spend a day cycling through the countryside.
Day 9-11 Mount Rinjani
A minivan ride, followed by a fastboat will take you to the island of Lombok. From there we take a bus to Senaru, which is a small town at the base town of Mount Rinjani. The following day will be spent trekking up to the Crater Rim of Mount Rinjani where you will watch the sunset from above the clouds and then camp underneath the stars. Watch the sunrise, and start the trek back down to Senaru where you can celebrate your accomplishment!
Day 12-15 Gili Trawangan
Take a minivan and then a short ride on a local boat over to the paradise island of Gili Trawangan. Here the pace of the trip slows right down so you can experience Gili island living! Enjoy the beach life, or stay busy with scuba diving, paddle boarding, snorkelling with sea turtles, amazing food and nightlife that's perfect for backpackers.
Day 16-20 Kuta, Bali
Board the high speed "Fast boat" to Bali and then minivans to Kuta, Bali. Our centrally located hotel is minutes away from Kuta Beach, perfect for sunsets and learning to surf. Other options include traditional Balinese dance shows, white-water rafting, an incredible water park, or dance the night away at one of the many multi-storey night clubs! On the last day taxis take the group to Denpasar airport for departure.

: 10 days in Thailand

Day 1-2 Bangkok
Group flight arrives late in the evening. Meet your group over drinks at the guesthouse. The following day we will enjoy the Wat Pho Temple Tour (incl) and then board the night train which will take us up north to Chiang Mai.
Day 3-6 Hill Tribe Village
Arrive off night train at 8:15 am. Take private 4x4 truck to guesthouse and prepare supplies for trek. Stay at a hilltribe village. Our days will be filled with various tasks, focusing on improving sustainable sources of food and water in the village (depending on a village's needs). As well as opportunities to help working with the children at the local school, and plenty of interaction with our hosts.
Day 7 Elephant Camp
Depart village by riding a bamboo raft down river to the Elephant Camp. Stay at Elephant Camp where we learn about ethical treatment of elephants. We bathe, feed and release elephants into jungle, waking up at sunrise and trekking to find them the next morning. Other smaller projects can be done, as well as participation in cultural activities with our new local friends.
Day 8-9 Chiang Mai
Depart Elephant Camp by 4x4 truck to guesthouse in Chiang Mai. The area we stay in is teeming with temples, cafes and bars for you to explore. The following day we board the night train back down to Bangkok.
Day 10 Bangkok
Take A/C private minibus to guesthouse. We will be staying near Khao San Road - the mecca in SE Asia for backpackers to shop, eat, drink and be merry! Enjoy the last night with your new group of friends.

To live Free and Easy is to live without busy, rigid schedules. Each destination provides some amazing activities, but we make sure that free time is there so you can take part in all of them or none of them, do as much or as little as you want. 'Take time, breathe it all in, no rush!'

More detailed information about what's included, destination information and activities are listed on this page.

Please note: The above itinerary is subject to change. A confirmed Free & Easy trip itinerary with exact routing will be provided at least 30 days prior to trip departure. 

IMPORTANT: If you are doing a combo trip and booking your own flights, please contact us to confirm the start and end point of your trip.

Epic Experiences you will have on this adventure

Traditional Kecak Fire Dance Show at Uluwatu

High up on the cliffs of Uluwatu, get ready to take in an incredible spectacle: the traditional Balinese dance called the Kecak. Based on the traditional Balinese ritual, it tells the famous epic Hindu story of the Ramayana. It’s a very popular performance - just to get there will bring you through the paths of the temples and along clifftops with their view of the ocean, finally arriving at the stage. The dance will feature no instruments, but rather the chanting of about 30 Indonesian men. The story that will unfold is that of a woman stolen from her husband by a demon, and the challenges he must face to rescue her. To top it all off? The whole performance takes place as the sun is setting, adding to the beauty and drama of the experience.

Go Scuba Diving

Diving is like no other experience on Earth. Life under the water is silent and peaceful, everything is flowing and moving in a way that we land creatures are unaccustomed to. Despite all of our high tech equipment, we are extremely out of our element in the water and it is a humbling experience to watch and observe what life is like under the sea. Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colours and move together in a harmonious unison through beautiful coral and twisted sunlight. On our trips, scuba diving is a huge activity as we travel to countries that offer some of the best diving in the world. The Caribbean in Central America possesses the second largest reef in the world, the warm waters of the South Pacific in Southeast Asia are home to the largest diversity of sea-life in the world and the seas of the Mediterranean are full of rich history and beauty. There is a whole universe under the ocean and experiencing what it's like to be in it is a must at least once in your life!

Zip Lining

Experience the rush of adrenaline as you step off the platform, the wind in your face as you begin to speed up, leafy branches whipping by until you burst into a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape…feel like you’re flying yet? This is zip lining! It takes you to previously inaccessible parts of the country, from lush rainforests to tangled jungles. As you soar through and above the canopy, you get a bird’s eye view of everything around you for miles. While being up high in the sky isn’t for the faint of heart, zip lining takes you to a whole new world where you can sit back, relax, and zip along enjoying panoramas you probably couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s no surprise that when you come upon a group of zip liners there’s nothing but smiles and whoops of excitement as they travel from tree to tree and on to new adventures.

Ride a Bamboo Raft Down a River

Let us paint this scene out for you: You've just spent all day hiking through thick jungle and vegetation deep in the wilderness of Northern Thailand. You're almost ready to call it a day but there's still several miles between you and the nearest village and there's a massive river blocking your crossing. There's bamboo everywhere so you pull out a machete, chop down some bamboo canes and tie them all together. Not only do you now have a raft, all of your friends are there and a beer cooler, too! Your jungle trek has now become a raft party - you've still got to navigate the rapids but taking turns with that task while sipping some beers as the sun sets behind you will be a perfect way to end the day. And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of help building a proper and safe raft!

Meet an Elephant

*This is an ETHICAL ELEPHANT EXPERIENCE* Animals have always fascinated us. There is an admiration we feel in awe of their beauty and their spirit, but there is perhaps no animal that is more admired than the elephant. Its giant size and gentle nature make it one of the most powerful, yet loving animals in the world. But because of this, they are often captured in the wild and sold to the logging industry to be worked to death hauling trees through the jungle. Many organizations have sprung up to rescue elephants from this horrible practice and keep them in protected camps, run by families that afford to keep them fed and healthy, by giving other people the chance to interact with the beautiful animals. Deeply rooted in Thai culture, caring for elephants is extremely sacred; a family that cares for elephants dedicates a great deal of their life to the one elephant entrusted to their care, as they are usually bound to one another for their entire lives. Getting face to face with an elephant is an incredible experience and one that you'll likely never forget!

Snorkel Trip in a Glass Bottom Boat

Let’s get that dose of Vitamin Sea! Free & Easy hires our very own private glass-bottom boat for a whole day. We’ll be cruising around the Gilis, throwing back beers, and stopping at a couple rad snorkel spots. The crystal clear, beautifully warm waters here are ideal to see all manner of sea life, so don’t be surprised if you get to hang with a couple of turtles throughout the day. Midway through we’ll be stopping on Gili Air for lunch, before heading back out to sea. There is no better way to chill out in the Gilis.

Get Any Outfit You Can Imagine Tailor-made

For most travelers, shopping at home is an expensive and (for some) inconvenient chore, as we must troll through stores, malls, websites and our friends' closets in search of clothes that fit us properly and match our style. If only we could just go see some kind of person who makes clothes specifically for our size and preference… like a tailor? Having your clothes tailor-made is something we shrug off as something only for the rich and people interested in suits and dresses, but in many parts of the world tailors are still very prevalent and surprisingly affordable - and there is perhaps no place where this is more true than in Southeast Asia. Bangkok in Thailand is famous for its many suit and dress tailors offering great deals on a virtually infinite list of outfits. Likely the only place better than Bangkok is in the beautiful ancient capital of Hoi An in Vietnam, where you can find very cheap and very good tailors that make both western and traditional Vietnamese clothing. And we mean they'll make you anything: suits, dresses, jeans, shoes, jackets and with any material from high quality silk to denim to leather. It’s a dream come true for clothes lovers and an easy and cheap solution for those that detest shopping!

Camp on Top of an Active Volcano

Volcanos are a fascinating natural force as well as one of the most beautiful things to see on the planet. The wondrous sight of a volcano is enhanced by its power and the knowledge that it could erupt at any minute, hiking up one is a great experience and puts a good perspective into the mountains that these powerful forces brood beneath. But some volcanos are worth more than a hike up and a hike down, once you get up there it's worth it to set up tents with your friends and enjoy the spectacular natural wonder that you stand atop of and wake up to perhaps the greatest sunrise of your life. And there is no volcano in the world better suited for this experience than Mount Rinjani in Indonesia.

Trek through a Tropical Jungle

Now we don't want to fool you, a jungle is an unforgiving setting to hike through - there is thick vegetation, overwhelming heat, leeches and an untold amount of other creatures lurking around. But there is also an extreme beauty that lies within the power of a tropical jungle, a rainforest is full of life and every square foot is covered in something interesting and unique! You'll experience true adventure when you trek through a jungle and even if you're tired, dirty and fending off insects when you're doing it, you'll be proud of yourself when you finish! 

On our LTC trip, we go on a 3-day jungle trek in Northern Thailand that includes an amazing array of activities (including ethically interacting with elephants and riding a bamboo raft down a river). We camp in tribal villages at night - eating with them, seeing how they live and tasting their not-so-delicious-but-potent "happy water" (rice moonshine). We sleep in a massive hut that fits the entire group and each morning we wake up, eat breakfast, shake off the happy water cobwebs and continue on our adventure. It's an experience that fully encompasses the trials and tribulations of trekking through a tropical jungle - from muddy uphill paths to utopian waterfalls!

Wat Pho Temple Tour *

Enjoy the chance to explore Wat Pho alongside a knowledgeable local guide for a peek inside ancient and modern Thai culture. This Buddhist temple complex located in Bangkok is one of city’s oldest temples, having been established before Bangkok itself. It houses over 1000 Buddha images, making it the largest collection of Buddha relics in all of Thailand. This includes the statue that Wat Pho is most famous for: an enormous 49 meter-long golden statue of a Reclining Buddha. The Buddha’s feet alone are 3 meters high. It is probably one of the grandest sites you will behold in all of the city. On an interesting side note, Wat Pho is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage, which is still taught and practiced at the temple. If you have the time, ask your guide to tell you Bangkok’s real name…it’s the longest city name on Earth! *****Please note: Not included on the following trips: A Backpackers Dream and The World's Greatest Waterfight

Catch a Fish and Eat It, Too

We get so many people who come on our trips that say they don't like seafood and won't eat it - usually, they're not from a coastal town. So when we serve up a fresh barracuda or tuna or some other tasty fish that the fisherman caught that morning and we convince them to give it a try, the first thing they say (with a satisfied smile) is that this doesn't taste like the seafood they've tried. There's just no getting around it, fish is meant to be eaten fresh! And the only thing tastier than a fresh fish is one that you caught, too! Catching the fish that you eat used to be a part of life and still is in many parts of the world, however, more and more people are buying from the commercial fishing industry which is unsustainable and is destroying the ocean's eco-system. We offer the option to go fishing on nearly all of our trips with friendly, local fisherman that show you their tricks - it's an experience that not only teaches you the importance of fishing but is also a hell of a good time: on a boat, with friends, with beer, in the sun, drifting down a tropical coastline… 'nuff said!

Have One Night in Bangkok

There are a lot of incredible cities in the world, but there is only one Bangkok. The main jumping point for virtually every person traveling through Southeast Asia, Bangkok is full of people from all over the world and there is something for everyone in this massive, colourful city. And the temples, markets and shopping are sure all nice and dandy, but most "memories" that come from Bangkok are created after you have that first Chang beer or Sangsom bucket set, because after that really anything is possible! We won't get into the details of what all happens in Bangkok because everyone will have their own story to tell after a night of partying in a city filled with all-night clubs, street-side bucket stands and essentially an adult "playground" everywhere you look. It's a common feeling to wake up in Bangkok, have no idea what time it is and try to figure out if what you remember happening the night before was a dream or if it really did all happen!

Sunrise at Borobudur

Surrounded by droves of deep-green paddies and looming palm trees, Borobudur on the island of Java is a colossal Buddhist temple built over 1200 years ago and one of Southeast Asia's most incredible relics. The amazingly preserved temples show intricate detail and display the beauty of the past civilization that constructed Borobudur. The best time to see Borobudur is at sunrise, as the first rays of light cut across the horizon and the sculptures and temples seemingly come alive. It is one of the most incredible sight you'll ever see and we're sure all of our group members who have witnessed it will attest to that!

Bathe Under a Waterfall

When leaving home and hitting the road with your backpack, one thought you may have in mind is that you're not going to have another good shower for awhile. In most parts of the world water pressure is lower, there is often no hot water and you just can't seem to scrub off that distinct backpacker odour. However, there is one place where hundreds of gallons of refreshing fresh water can pour all over you in a surreal bathing experience and that spot is found at the bottom of a waterfall. When hiking around jungles, one of our favourite things to search out is a good tropical waterfall where you can swim, relax, and get right under it and let the huge torrent of water pour all over you and wash you clean! But the best part is often the simple sight of the waterfall itself, because for whatever reason there are few things in the world we find more captivating to watch than water dropping from great heights. Maybe it's because nothing falls with the grace of water, but either way it's an amazing feeling to come upon a gorgeous waterfall in the jungle and head straight into its downpour for the best shower of your life!

Volunteer at a Village School

There is perhaps no place that is more crucial to a child’s development than their school. It is where they are given the tools to use in life, as well as a place to connect with other kids and just have fun. We’ll do a bit of both when we get the opportunity to lend a hand at the small schools teaching kids from these remote hill tribe villages. Helping kids with their English is very important, as it opens up a ton of doors for these kids that they can explore when they’re old enough to travel from the village. Most of these villages grow up speaking an old dialect of Thai, so practicing English allows them to connect with the outside world and learn more from the people who come to visit their villages. Besides helping with English lessons, we’ll also get the chance to just connect with the kids and have some good ol’ fashioned play time! The energy and laughter of the children is super contagious, volunteering at the school will be some of the most fun we have the entire trip!

Surf A Wave

Nothing compares to the feeling you get the first time you paddle into a wave, stand up as it breaks and ride the face of it – this is the incomparable feeling of surfing. When you get it right, you'll know, because you'll be more excited than the first time you had sex and probably more addicted to it, too! Surfing is arguably the most challenging sport in the world and requires you to learn much more than physical coordination. In order to surf a wave, you'll need patience, discipline, a lack of fear and an insatiable urge to have fun. It's no coincidence that 6 of the countries that we run trips to (Indonesia, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru & Colombia) have wicked surf scenes, because there's nothing quite like it.

Bike Ride Adventure through Ubud!

What is adventure? It's a full day bike trip where you bike through the villages of Ubud, you stop to try all the local coffees including the "cat-poo-ccino,” you stop at a banyan tree, at a house in one of the villages to learn more about traditional Hinduism, at some rice fields, and you end the day off with a delicious late lunch buffet. It's the most incredible day! But what really makes it an adventure? Doing it all with two amazing leaders and a group of your new best friends who are just as excited as you are about trying new things and seeing the world from a local’s point of view. Treat yourself to adventure: Go to Indo.

Visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, also known as the Monkey Forest Ubud, is not just a tourist attraction, but also an important spot when it comes to research and conservation programs. Researchers from various institutions around the world visit the sanctuary to conduct research, particularly about the monkeys’ social interactions and behaviours. There are hundreds of monkeys running around this forest, and if you’ve ever wanted to interact with one, then this is the place to do it. Buy a couple bananas when you get there, and you’re guaranteed an exciting time! Take a walk through the forest and explore the shrines, temples and even graveyard contained within. This is a unique experience, not to be missed!

Sunset Bike Trip.

The Gili Islands are one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Picture idyllic small islands in the ocean, surrounded by white sand beaches and fluttering palm trees…it’s paradise. On Gili Trawangan, where we will be staying, there’s one main road that loops the entire island—yes it’s that small. So the best way to see a sunset? Grab some pedal bikes (rented for you courtesy of Free & Easy) and do a lap of the whole island! We stop at “Sunset Bar” to grab an ice cold bottle of Bintang and watch the sun go down, and then pop by the local market for dinner on the way back. You won’t forget this sunset anytime soon!

Provide a Village With Clean Water

Water is the most essential element of life and for many people in the world it can be a struggle to attain. In the isolated hill tribe villages of Northern Thailand, it can be particularly difficult to get access to clean water with the closest towns being many miles away through dense rainforest. Although for many parts of the year there is an abundance of water from the rain, the dry seasons can be a terrible time as droughts in recent years have been especially devastating. Bringing clean water facilities to these villages can completely revolutionize how they get through the dry season and alleviate a great deal of suffering and hardships. It is a hugely rewarding project to contribute to and brings with it an immediate effect to the local people.

Green Canyon

The Green Canyon, or Cukang Taneuh, is a natural beauty in Western Java! It has been formed through millions of years of soil erosion that has left the Cijulang river with stunning emerald green water, bordered by towering cliffs and trees. The only way to reach this canyon is to hop aboard a local long tail and follow the winding river to the entrance of the canyon where you will get to jump into the refreshing water for a midday swim. This experience is always different based on the water level so it's something you simply have to try. One thing you won't miss no matter what: the unforgettable beauty of swimming in a fairy tale land that looks straight out of your day dreams. From the Green Canyon we head to Batu Karas, a beautiful beach with a great beginner surf break, and enjoy lunch and some drinks on the beach with your new best friends! This is an amazing day trip that we didn't think should be missed, so we decided to include it in the price of the trip!

Buy Everything in Bangkok

A trip to Thailand is not complete without a day spent shopping in Bangkok. Whether male, female, or a bit of both, there’s something for everybody in this crazy city! From the infamous street markets to the luxurious malls to the seemingly infinite amount of random market stalls, you can literally buy everything in Bangkok! Get right into it and sift through boxes of knock-off designer jeans, check out the funky tee’s created by local artists, find piles and piles of rad shoes. Hit the electronics and find every movie ever made or cheap cellphones, computer software and old video games. Peruse the knick-knacks and score samurai swords, unique art, Buddha carvings, and homemade jewellery. Wanna get fancy? Get anything you want tailor-made, from suits to jackets to shoes or hit up the gold jewellery stores and find that perfect piece! Or head to some of the nicest malls in the world and find every brand-name you want. The favourable exchange rate and generally cheap prices make shopping a fun, interesting and incredibly lucrative experience when in Bangkok! When you’re finally all done, relax with a well-deserved beer or park your keester in the cinema and enjoy the massive screens and comfy chairs for just a few bucks. How can anyone not love a stopover in Bangkok!?

Beach Cleanup

Our Trash Hero beach cleanups are a great way to do good, feel good, and get some beach all at the same time. With thousands of tons of trash swirling around the oceans, the unfortunate reality is that some of it washes up onto the beautiful beaches we fall in love with around the world. So we thought ‘Let’s do something about this!’ Our partnership with Trash Hero began in Koh Lipe, Thailand, where they regularly organized beach cleanup days. Today, Trash Hero has gone viral and can be found operating in Thailand and Indonesia, and is spreading into dozens more countries at a rapid pace. On our end, beach cleanup day quickly became one of the most fun and rewarding days on our Thailand trip. So we decided to spread the love, and have instituted a beach cleanup day into our regular itineraries across the world. Through our sponsorship and partnership with Trash Hero, our travellers and others like them have since collected tens of thousands of kilograms of trash from the beaches we travel to…and really, there’s nothing more epic than saving the world! ** We will always strive to make a beach cleanup happen, but sometimes we may not be able to make it happen **

Party for Prosthetics

Party for Prosthetics is one of our newest initiatives that turns the aluminum tabs from beer cans into prosthetic limbs for people in need, such as those who have been dismembered from injury, disease, or landmines. We have partnered with a Thai organization called The Prostheses Foundation that has been doing this since the early 90’s - when we realized how much we could help out just by saving our beer tabs we thought this was a real win-win! Through a combination of our beach bevvies, travel day sippy cups, and all-night ragers, we have been known to put away a few beers from time to time, and now we are turning these parties into prosthetic limbs! This initiative adds even more zest to each cheers, shotgun, and beer bong, and fills us with a sense of pride as we gather the tabs over the course of each trip and see buckets fill with valuable little pieces of metal that are going to change someone’s life!

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Accommodations and Transportation

What's included in this adventure


  • Accommodation for the duration of your Free & Easy experience


  • All group travel between destinations
  • If you are doing multiple trips, all travel between trips is included
  • Return international flights and airport transfers*** (No surprise extra flight surcharges)

***Land Package prices do not include your international flight, airport taxes or transfers


  • Knowledgeable and fun Free & Easy leaders
  • 17 years of trip leading experience
  • No commissions or gratuities required or accepted... ever!
  • Preparations guidebook
  • Trip Experience guidebook

Activities: Indonesia (20 Days)

  • 7 destinations, and 4-5 islands! (Java, Bali, Lombok, and the Gilis!...)
  • National Park Day Trip, Pangandaran
  • 2-Day Mt. Rinjani Volcano Crater Trek (guides, porters ncl.)
  • Green Canyon Day Trip
  • Batu Kara’s Surfing Day Trip
  • Snorkel trip on a glass bottom boat in the Gili Islands
  • Transportation to temples (Borobudur & Uluwatu)
  • FNEZ sponsored beach cleanup

Activities: Share the Love (10 Days)

  • Elephant trekking, bamboo rafting & trek guide
  • Participation in volunteer projects in two hill tribe villages

Meals: Indonesia (20 Days)

  • All meals incl. on 2-Day Mt. Rinjani Volcano Crater trek
  • Breakfast incl. in Jakarta, Pangandaran & Ubud
  • BBQ dinner on the beach, Pangandaran

Meals: Share the Love (10 Days)

  • All meals while on the volunteer trek (not including Bangkok and Chiang Mai for 2-3 days)

Optional Activities: Indonesia (20 Days)

  • Fishing
  • Sunrise at Borobudur
  • Scuba Diving
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Waterpark
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Trip to the Fish Market
  • Visit Waterfalls
  • Sunset Bicycle Trip
  • Balinese Cultural Fire Dance
  • Ubud Bicycle Trip
  • Bali Countryside Bicycle Trip
  • Explore Monkey Forest in Bali

Optional Activities: Share the Love (10 Days)

Not Included

  • All meals and drinks (except those mentioned above)
  • Activities outside of the ones listed above (optional activities are not included)
  • Any Visa or Visa fees

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