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40 days in Thailand

Experience the Land of Smiles

We have been running this trip since 2003 and have spent a lot of years turning it into the best backpacking trip to Thailand on the planet. Winner of The World’s Most Amazing Tour of 2012 by Tour Radar, our original 40-day trip to Thailand is the ultimate easy-going travel experience. Beginning and ending in Bangkok with a loop through the islands, beaches and jungles of Southern Thailand this trip is a relaxed tour through Thailand’s most amazing, fun, and lesser-known destinations. We’ll take you from some of the most insane party spots including The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan to secluded paradises with no other tourists in sight. And always you’ll be enjoying the adventure at the nice, chilled pace that is uniquely ‘Free and Easy’.

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Our Travel Concept

A Free & Easy trip is more than just a holiday. While it is true that we provide "tours" in the general sense of the word, we aim to be as close to a free-floating travel experience as possible. Combine that with our youthful, laid back approach to travel and you'll forget you're on a tour and feel like you're traveling with your new crew of best friends.

You will not regret it. You'll get to see places and do things that you probably wouldn't see or do if you were backpacking on your own.
— Kara Sergeant