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Over 3400 km of tropical coastline, green misty mountains, huge urban cities, incredible food and a fierce cultural pride create the setting for a country ripe for travel. The war in Vietnam ended a generation ago and there has never been a better time to explore this fascinating country that is quickly becoming a favourite among travelers!

Travel from One Tip to the Other

Vietnam is a country equally as fascinating in geographical diversity as its cultural diversity, there are many ethnic groups inhabiting the different regions that stretch from the northern mountains bordering China to the lush, fertile lands of the south that reach far into the South Pacific. Traveling from the infamous city of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in the south all the way to the ancient oriental city and capital of Hanoi in the north showcases the splendour of people and places that Vietnam possesses.

The Land of Many Places and Faces

In the southern part of Vietnam, there is a prominent culture leftover from the Indian influence that is evident in the elaborate Cham temples and the cuisine, which is very rich in delicious spices. In the north, life is more rigid and Chinese and you can see the modern and ancient influences Vietnam’s northern neighbour has had on the region. But if you venture into the highland rural areas it’s like you’re entering an entire different country where hill-tribe villages emerge through misty clouds amidst towering emerald jungle mountains and time is turned back to a simpler era, where the locals still wear their traditional, colourful garments and tend to their farms as they have for generations. And in the central region of Vietnam, highlighted by the gorgeous old cities of Hoi An and Hue, lies the epicentre of classic Vietnam supported by its Imperial architecture and wonderfully preserved pagodas. And throughout it all there lies 2 defining features of life in Vietnam, the lasting effects of years of French rule seen in its charming boulevards and prevalence of cafes, French baguettes and incredible coffee, and of course, the ruling Communist ideology which fought long and hard to get to the place it is today and makes itself well-known in every facet of Vietnamese society.

A World Uniquely Vietnamese

You may think that the Vietnamese people would hold a lot of resentment towards western visitors after decades of brutal wars, but the local people are intrigued by travelers moving through Vietnam and are proud to show-off their country which is very uniquely Vietnamese. Sitting down for a bia hoi (fresh beer), which costs about 20 cents a glass, with a group of locals is a great way to learn more about their country and experience their love for laughter! Enjoy the extremely cheap prices, the huge diversity in adventure and the inspiring resilience of the exuberant people as you relish the epic experience of traveling through Vietnam.

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