Cost of Living

Your personal spending on your FNEZ adventure will include your food, drinks, shopping, entertainment and any activities that aren't included in your trip. Keep in mind that every traveler has different spending habits while on the road, therefore it's entirely possible to spend more or less than these suggested budgets. 

Simply click on your trip below to get a better idea of a travel budget that pretains to your particular area of travel. 

Please note all prices are listed in US dollars, USD. A good tool to convert to your local currency can be found here:

SouthEast Asia:

20 Day Thailand Trip -- "A Dose of Paradise"

10 Day Thailand Trip -- "A Taste of Paradise"

10 Day Thailand Trip -- "Temples, Tribes & Tuk Tuks"

20 Day Vietnam Trip -- "A Cultural Paradise"

25 Day Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia -- "A Backpacker's Dream"

20 Day Indonesia Trip -- "Experience It All"

10 Day Indonesia Trip -- "Bali & the Gili Islands"

20 Day Philippines Trip -- "Traveling on Cloud 9"

Central & South America:

10 Day Costa Rica Trip -- "Endless Summer Road-Trip"

10 Day Costa Rica and Panama Trip -- "Carribean Retreat"

20 Day Costa Rica and Panama Trip

10 Day Nicaragua Trip -- The Final Fiesta, Livin' Tranquilo

20 Day Peru Trip -- "Wander Through the Ican World"

20 Day Colombia Trip -- "The Secret of South America" 


20 Day Greece Trip -- "Beaches Beyond Beautiful"

12 Day Spain - "Sand, Sunsets and Sangria"

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