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Costa Rica

Stunning natural beauty, a peaceful democracy, exotic wildlife and tons of seriously amazing surf breaks make Costa Rica one of the most desirable places to travel to in the world. From the lush rainforests and Caribbean culture in the east to the towering volcanoes and cowboy culture in the west, Costa Rica is a constant source of fun and wonder.

A Place of Peace

Since the early 1960’s, Costa Rica has been a Shangri-La for travellers and ex-pats searching for a place that offers tropical weather and a gorgeous backdrop to enjoy without worry of violence. Located in a part of the world that has been mired in strings of wars for nearly a century, Costa Rica has maintained a neutrality through it all that has kept its borders almost entirely free of conflict. Costa Rica took their peace-first approach one step further by completely abolishing its military in 1949 and has continued to be a pioneer of peace in Central America ever since.

Two Worlds Collided

Creating this dream world for travellers has drawn people to Costa Rica in the millions for many years and there are lots of people from all over the world that have taken up residence in the many beautiful locations throughout the country. Finding towns that are essentially an even split between local Tico people and landed immigrants is common and the mash-up of the two cultures can be seen in many facets of society in Costa Rica. This dichotomy makes it very comfortable to travel through the country as the Ticos are well-versed in western culture and welcome foreigners with a practiced friendliness.

Take the Road Less Traveled

The downside to the large population of foreign residents is that often Tico culture is neglected and whole towns are swallowed up in American fast-food chains and huge mega-resorts that tower over beaches. This is the part of Costa Rican tourism that we do not want to support and make a point to avoid when travelling through the country. There are still many wicked beach towns that are largely Tico and are integrated between the two cultures with pride. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult navigating the maze of gravel roads that lead to these awesome places, but it’s well worth the road-trip for us to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Because the best places are always the hardest to get to!