The Free & Easy Family

We like to call ourselves a family because besides actually being blood relations with many of our "colleagues" (a word which we avoid) we are united in a way that brings us much closer than your typical "staff" (another stuffy word that doesn't seem right). We have grown organically over the years with new, qualified friends joining up as we meet them throughout our travels. We build our team by allowing life to throw us capable people who we meet on the road. So far this trust in fate has not disappointed. Getting to know someone by traveling with them has to be the most fail-proof interview process.

This is how Free and Easy has grown and evolved from a one-man-show taking a group to Greece in 2001 to a multi-person team promoting ourselves across Canada (and abroad) and taking people to various countries all throughout the year. We are proud of the solid folks we work/travel/live with and I am sure you'll see why if you ever get a chance to travel with them.

Check out the individual profiles and see which family members are actively traveling with us.

Curtis "Cee" Smith
Rob Campbell
Chad Smith
Slice "Sly" Johnson
Ben Copeland
Chris Sherry
Dusty Anderson
Rory Chappelle
Patrick Taclob
Kyle Stephens
Evan Bachman
Josh Fink
Eden Osmar
Jimi Doohan
Ben Marsh
Jasmin Neve
Mike Green
Stella Pritchard
Joel Roca
Evan Volovich
Lauren Barnes
Beth Garrick
Johnny Aitken

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