Evan Bachman

Trip Leader

Regina, Saskatchewan

Favourite Attributes:
Funny and Outgoing.

English and French

Favourite Travel Destination:
Plakias, Greece

What countries have you travelled to?
Canada, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

Why I Travel?
Travel to me means breaking free from the norm and meeting new people. When you travel, nobody cares how much money you make, what brand of clothing you’re wearing, what high school you went to or how many people you have dated. They want to know you; what you want to be, what makes you happy and what your family is like (and listen with an open mind). Because those who travel are all searching for something more than what mainstream is pumping into us.

That's s why when you travel, the people you meet become important to you because they know a side of you that lots of people don’t get to see. A side you may not even have known you had until you put yourself in a situation where you don’t have any of your comforts around you, and its up to you to find out what's really important in life. Jobs are all over the world, houses can be bought at anytime, cars devalue the minute you drive them off the lot. So I say the hell with the norm, I choose to live my life at my own pace.

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