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surfing in Indonesia on big blue waves
Epic sunsets on top of a volcano in Indonesia
Good looking girls on a boat in Indonesia
Epic view of MT Rinjani
Shayla Bly
Sunsets and beers capping off another epic day in Indonesia


A country full of adventure, you can experience it all in Indonesia! From surfing and scuba diving, to volcano climbing and jungle treks, to all-night beach parties and the most laid back places to relax and unwind in, Indonesia is the ultimate place for any traveler. On our trips to Indonesia we like to get off the typical tourist trail, enjoy some seriously epic destinations and experience the best that this incredible country has to offer.

A World of its Own

Made up of over 17,000 islands that span 5000 km and the world’s fourth largest population, Indonesia really is its own world of adventure. Indonesia has long been a popular destination for all types of travellers since explorers first passed through its heavenly islands and told the world of its beauty. It’s easy to see why it continues to be one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia, but there is much to explore in Indonesia and we relish the opportunity to travel around this incredible country and find its best places to experience.

Beautiful and Wondrous Terrain

A massive string of active volcanoes forming islands and mountains in the South Pacific, thousands of kilometers of pristine reefs in clear turquoise water revealing a rich and lush diversity of exotic marine life, and powder soft white-sand beaches bordering hot tropical islands form the world in which you will travel through when experiencing Indonesia. Walking through ancient temples, witnessing beautiful spiritual ceremonies, and spotting rare and amazing wildlife leaves no shortage of first-time experiences in Indonesia.

An Adventure Like No Other

One thing we can say after traveling around Indonesia for several years is that you could spend a lifetime adventuring through this country and learning about its hundreds of rich and exotic cultures. We put together a 20-day trip that we believe showcases the very best that Indonesia has to offer a traveler, but we can be sure that this adventure will only scratch the surface of your curiosity for this country after you see the incredible world that exists within its borders!

Epic Adventures to Indonesia

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