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Group of girls get busy livin in the Philippines
Viewpoint hike with friends in Palawan Philippines
Turquoise blue water snorkel sessions in the Philippines
Beach day on soft sand in Boracay, Philippines


The Philippines is a much less traveled to destination than some of the other countries in Southeast Asia, but we’re more than happy to be running trips to The Philippines as we think it offers everything a traveler could ever ask for. With over 7000 islands, ancient emerald rice terraces, smouldering volcanoes, a plethora of pristine white-sand beaches, great surf and smiling, happy-go-lucky people, traveling through the Philippines is an experience you’re sure to remember fondly for the rest of your days!

It's More Fun in The Philippines

A world apart from the rest of Southeast Asia, The Philippines houses a culture that is all its own. Fanatically Catholic, due to hundreds of years of Spanish rule, and largely English speaking, on account of its second colonial ruler: America, Filipino life is a unique mixture of several outside influences that ultimately boil down to a culture that is proudly Filipino. To the Filipinos much is simple, emphasize happiness and live life with a smile. Traveling through a beautiful country with such a welcoming way of life makes it easy to have fun each day you’re in The Philippines and have entertaining and memorable conversations with local people that can shed light on a totally different way and philosophy of living.

Beaches and More Beaches

The Philippines is located right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, where the water is warm, the weather is warm and the beaches are plentiful! Throughout the country, there is a wealth of amazing white-sand beaches that offer everything from bath-tub like calm water to gorgeous sets of waves perfect for surfing. The high visibility of the water and huge concentration of marine life also provides some world-class dive spots that also include the chance to dive through World War 2 shipwrecks! So whether tossing a frisbee with a beer in hand, shredding waves on your surfboard, or simply lying down on the soft sand and soaking in the sun, the beaches of The Philippines can give every beach lover everything they could ever dream of!

Experience a World that Few Have

What sets The Philippines apart from other destinations with nice beaches and great weather is the lack of travellers digging past the few obvious destinations in the country and enjoying the lesser-known places that are just as or even more amazing. We were eager to play the role of explorer when setting up this trip and begin hiking through the mountains, visiting small villages and island hopping from paradise to paradise to find the best spots. What we found was enough mind-blowing destinations to create a travel itinerary that would last several months! But we made some tough decisions and trimmed it down to just the very best and created an epic trip that we are more than proud of and excited to share with any traveler that is fortunate enough to be able to travel to The Philippines!

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