Curtis "Cee" Smith

Founder, Adventure Architect

Calgary, AB & Playa Escamaca, Nicaragua

Favourite Attribute:
Long locks, Frisbee enthusiast

Spanish, Thai, English

Favourite Travel Destination:
Thailand & Nicaragua

What countries have you travelled to?
Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, USA, Canada

Why I Travel?
I travel because of the remarkable effect it has in creating smiles, laughter, hugs, and positive vibes shared with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Travel encourages us to take a ‘Why Not?’ attitude, try new things, and discover a new kind of freedom! It allows us that time and space from our own ‘home-life’ responsibilities and routines, and instead to be present and enjoy those moments as they happen. Living each day to the fullest reminds us that we can be designers in pursuit of our path in life, and just as we navigate through new places and experiences, we are capable of taking uncertain life choices, and that things can work out.

Getting the chance to lose track of what day of the week it is, and cut off from so many distractions and stresses and social media that we’re used to, nourishes the soul when instead you find yourself having an amazing conversation, or simply stepping back to appreciate nature. I can recall many moments where I’m surrounded by majestic beauty of a white sand beach and palm trees over hanging, blue sky, and chill music playing in the background, and feeling grateful to be right where I am. Travel provides those moments you cherish, and all around the world people enjoy friendship, so it’s awesome to feel that comfort with your surroundings, even though you may be across the ocean!

I travel nowadays in many ways to see other people discover the things that have left an impact on me, so I am always stoked to share places with new friends, as well as catch-up with long time friends. Especially with an icy cold Leo beer (Thailand), or Tona (in Nicaragua), or San Miguel (in Philippines), those are always sweet ways to soak in a sunset, and I'm grateful to to enjoy many with friends around the world :-)

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