Northern Thailand Trip: 14 Days

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Welcome to Northern Thailand Adventure! Fancy an unforgettable 14 days? Well, you have come to the right place! Starting off in Bangkok and ending in the north, Chiang Mai, you are definitely in for an adventure with a jam-packed 14 days, exploring all the coolest places central and north Thailand have to offer! You’ll become BFFs with the elephants in Chiang Mai, get your Indiana Jones on and cycle the ancient ruins in Ayutthaya, see the jungle like never before when trekking & zip-lining through, stay overnight with a hill tribe in Chiang Mai and try your best at cooking some Thai food. The ULTIMATE northern Thailand adventure (fun & good vibes allowed only!)


  • Day 1   (Bangkok)

    Bangkok baby, your adventure begins! So you’ve made it to this busy city, and you’ll have the first day to settle in and relax, meet your new fam, and go explore the local area, whatever ya fancy. In the evening, it’s time for our welcome dinner at one of our favourite restaurants on the one & only Khao San Road! Get to know your fellow travellers over sharing a bucket or two (or any drink of choice, you do you) and get ready for an incredible 14 days together. Holiday mode ON!


    So you know the film Bridge Over River Kwai? Well, today that’s where we're going, River Kwai! Before we head off to the river, we hop off to do some shopping and not at just any regular market, but a FLOATING one! Sick right? Once we’ve done our browsing the market by long-tail boat, it’s off to Kanchanaburi now! When we have arrived, we get another boat and cruise down the River Kwai enjoying the sight of the bridge (an insta worthy moment fo’ sho’). It’s sunset o’clock and what a better place to watch the sunset than the bridge over River Kwai! Get those poses ready for all the 10/10 shots you’re going to get.

    Imagine, a 7 tier, crystal clear blue waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, sounds unreal right! Erawan falls, just an hour away from Kanchanaburi, is basically what you imagine paradise to look like. Something you would expect to see on the television and not in real life, but it iS real life! We know TLC said don’t go chasing waterfalls but ya know, I think we can be excused this once because just look at how beautiful it is? Make sure you have your swimmers as you’ll want to take a dip, and check this out, there are 7 tiers for you to take a dip in. Don’t say we don’t spoil ya! We’ll have some lunch at the waterfalls, gotta stay hydrated and energised from all that walking & swimming! Then we head back to Kanchanaburi, where you can either chill by the pool or explore the town before we meet for dinner and drinks! Buckets, anyone

  • Day 4   (Ayutthaya)

    Today you have the morning free before we hit the road again! So choose to spend this morning how you please, whether that’s by the pool or exploring the town. Next, we are off to Ayutthaya, an ancient capital city, that is dripping with culture and history! We’ll hop on some bikes and cycle around the world heritage site, giving us a 10/10 view, we’ll also learn about the fascinating history of Ayutthaya and of course, the kingdom of Siam which is what Thailand used to be called (fun fact for ya!). Time to grab a bit to eat and then it’s all aboard the night train to Chiang Mai! The train is comfortable, you get your own bed with pillows and covers, comfort is key! So it shouldn’t be too hard to get a descents night sleep ready to take on a new place in the morning! Chiang Mai, we’re coming for you.

  • Day 5   (Chiang Mai)

    We check into our guesthouse which is ideally situated between the old & new areas of Chiang Mai (winning), you’ll have some time to relax by the pool or do some exploring and check out the oldest temple in Chiang Mai which is literally right opposite our accommodation (winning x2!). Now it’s time to visit the most famous and possibly the most beautiful temple in Chiang Mai, Wat Pra Maha Doi Sutthep. The views are incredible, situated high up on the mountain, you’ll get a panoramic view of the city. Trust, you’ll feel on top of the world, literally. Once you’ve taken your snaps of the insane views and got some for the gram (it’s gotta be done), you have the afternoon free to do whatever you would like, before we meet later on in time for dinner!

  • Day 6-7   (JUNGLE TREK)

    Did someone say Exclusive Experience? Hell yeah, we did! You won’t find this experience anywhere else. We are off to do one of the most popular activities in Northern Thailand, a trek through the jungle. The trek doesn’t require a high level of fitness, but it is a bit of a challenge SO beers will be very well deserved afterwards! We’ll spend one night in a village homestay so that you can experience what life is like for the many traditional hill tribes of Northern Thailand, which you’ll see their lives have not changed a huge amount for generations. Expect to see all kinds of nature and wildlife when on the trek, maybe even a waterfall or two, amazing scenes!

    Rise and shine! Enjoy your morning in the jungle before it’s time we head back to Chiang Mai, but of course, we have a trick up our sleeve, and we are using a much better mode of transport, bamboo rafts! Sick right? We’ll float down the river with a cheeky stop at a waterfall because ya know, we can’t get enough of those things. You'll even get the chance to see some Elephants - what could be better? This is a once in a lifetime experience, a memory you’ll cherish forever, no doubt! Once we get back to Chiang Mai, we'll rest up in time to continue our Northern adventure tomorrow!

    Note: This trek does not require a high level of fitness but is a bit of a challenge, so you’ll definitely have earned the next few beers we crack open when we get back to Chiang Mai!

  • Day 8   (Chiang Mai)

    The adventure capital of Thailand (some may say), Chiang Mai! Today is one of our favourite activities, that is very popular with tourists, and that’s ziplining through the jungle! This is going to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping, you’ll practically be flying through the jungle while looking down at it all (if you dare)! Throw in a few rope bridges and abseils, and that’s experiencing the jungle in a way you never could by foot! You can thank us later, once you’ve made all your friends and fam jealous, obvs. This is truly an unforgettable experience!

  • Day 9-11   (PAI)

    After an excting few days this morning you'll have the chance to chill, read a book, grab a cocktail, do whatever floats your boat! In the afternoon, grab your bags because we will hop on a bus to the hippie town of Pai! Just 3 hours outside of Chiang Mai, a very popular backpacker destination, and we can see why! Filled with cool retro bars, market stalls, excellent food and wonderful people from all walks of life. Ahh, the life of Pai (sorry we had to!)

    Day trippin’ time! Today we’ll head out to see some of Pai’s highlights, and it’s surrounding areas! Starting at the biggest cave in Thailand, Lod cave, we’ll hike through the main chambers and then take a bamboo raft along the river which runs through the cave (depending on season and accessibility). It’s like something out of a movie, incredible stuff! It’s now time to give your muscles a break, as we head to the hot springs which are situated in the jungle and are heated by geothermal activity. Take a dip in the crystal clear water, treat yourself to a clay mask and just have the ultimate relaxation session in the warm temperatures. We’ll then head to the waterfall nearby with an amazing view! Who needs a waterpark when we have one better, a waterfall with a natural slide! We’ll finish this incredible day at Pai Canyon which means even more amazing views of the surrounding mountains and jungle, and even better, we’ll be there at sunset! So take yo’ pics and take in the insane view before heading back to Pai town. In the evening we’ll head to a nice restaurant and a few chilled bars where we can mingle with other backpackers too. After all, we deserve it after the day of sightseeing we’ve had!

    Chill day lets goooo! After a bit of a lie-in, the day is to be spent as you please, cool down and relax by the pool or if you're feeling a little hungover, get some zzzz's in. Spend your day loungings, swimming, playing a few games or reading a good book! The choice is yours. Once we’ve had our relaxation fill, we'll head for dinner and drinks and see where the night takes us.

  • Day 12 - 14   (CHIANG MAI)

    This morning it’s time to head back to Chiang Mai! We hope you’re ready to become the new Thai Masterchef as we are off to a cooking school to learn about some of Thailands traditional dishes and then have a go at making them ourselves! Most of Thailands delicious food comes from the North, so there’s no better way than to learn from the masters themselves right? First, we’ll head to the market where our guides and teachers will show us how to select the freshest & tastiest ingredients, they have that insider knowledge ya feel? Now it’s time for us to turn those ingredients we picked into some tasty meals! Don’t fret, you’ll be shown how to cook the recipes step by step! Now for the best bit, tasting what you’ve cooked, so make sure you’re paying attention when cooking! A fantastic experience, and you’ll get to go home with new recipes and new skills! Winner winner chicken dinner (Quorn if your veggie)!

    So we all know the Grand Canyon but do you know of Chiang Mai’s very own Grand Canyon? Well, if not, don’t worry as you’ll get to know! This is an old excavation site, where they would dig out sand for building etc. However, now it is a man-made lagoon which has turned into an adult playground, we LOVE to see it! There are countless of slides, floating chairs to lay in, tubes and then for the brave-hearted have a go at cliff jumping, deep water soloing or climbing on their climbing wall. Take yo’ pick! There’s a restaurant there on-site, so we can grab our lunch, refresh and energise ourselves! In the evening, we head out into Chiang Mai our final dinner and drinks *cue sad song*.

    Today is the day your Northern Adventure comes to an end (We know, we are sad too)! You’ll be leaving with some unforgettable memories and of course, your Fam aka friends for life! If you are continuing your adventure, then our group leaders will be more than happy to help with any onward travel! If you have a little longer to spend travelling and exploring then check out our Laos explorer or if you’d like to carry on in Thailand, then why not head south on our Thailand Experience? It’s been real!

Please note: The above itinerary is subject to change. A confirmed Free & Easy trip itinerary with exact routing will be provided at least 30 days prior to trip departure.

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  • Included Experiences (TH14N)
    • Khao San Road Nightlife
    • Taling Chan Floating Markets
    • River Kwai boat cruise
    • Erawan waterfalls
    • Bike ride around Ayutthaya ruins
    • Chiang Mai temples
    • Jungle trek and hill tribe homestay
    • Zip lining
    • Elephant sanctuary
    • Hot springs and waterfalls in Pai
    • Lod cave & Bamboo rafting
    • White Buddha temple
    • Thai cooking class
  • Accommodation (TH14N)

    All accommodations - We send our trip planners to each of our destinations so they can do on the ground, research. Checking for the best location, comfort and vibe that we can get for our budget while also supporting local businesses.

  • Transportation (TH14N)

    All transport - This trip will find us takin private A/C vans and an overnight train.

  • Meals (TH14N)
    • 7 x breakfast
    • 5 x lunches
    • 2 x dinner
  • Leaders (TH14N)

    1-2 group leaders - Our staff is consistently ranked as the #1 reason that people loved their trips. We meet most of our leaders while traveling with them so we can see in person if they are fun yet responsible, cool yet down to earth, professional yet laid back.  This creates that perfect mix which makes our "tours" feel like a group of friends.

  • Not Included (TH14N)
    • All meals and drinks (except those mentioned above)
    • Activities outside of the ones listed above (optional activities are not included)
    • Any Visa or Visa fees
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