Rates & Reservation


The FNEZ Bungalows currently consists of a villa, 3 individual bungalows, and a yoga studio w/ common area. 
The villa has 3 separated rooms, and a large private common area with huge patio.  The villa would be great for 3 couples, but it also has a unique set up that allows it to easily accommodate up to 16 in beds comfortably!
The bungalows are ideal for 2 or 3 people. 
In total, there is enough space at the resort for 30 people to sleep comfortably. 

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Rates are listed below:  (this is based on minimum 4 nights, and doesn't include prices in peak seasons, or custom requests.)

Bungalow - $50/night
Villa - $250/night
Entire Resort - $400/night