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Nicaragua Volcano Crater Lake
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Known as the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’, Nicaragua is filled with tons of beauty and adventure that include far more than just its massive lakes and magnificent volcanoes. With beaches that sprawl for miles and shine white in the Caribbean, some of the best surfing on the planet and still very few tourists, Nicaragua is a dream destination for any traveler.

The Secret of Central America

Although not often mentioned alongside other popular vacation countries, Nicaragua offers a wealth of unforgettable destinations within its borders. The two-volcano island of Ometepe rises majestically from the sprawling and massive Lake Nicaragua. Sleepy surf towns like San Juan del Sur offer great hang out spots and access to some of the best waves on the planet. Life on the shimmering white-sand beaches of The Corn Islands exists in the laidback, traditional Caribbean way. Old, wonderfully preserved Spanish colonial towns like León are great places to observe and learn about the incredible history and culture of Nicaragua. And with a nice, temperate climate that provides hot, humid days and cozy, cool nights it’s a perfect place to enjoy the comforts of good weather!

Very Safe and Very Welcoming

Much of the reason why few people visit Nicaragua, despite its overwhelming wealth of epic destinations, is because of a series of brutal, highly publicized civil wars fought mainly in the 1980’s that gave the country a dangerous reputation. The wars have been over for over two decades and Nicaragua is now considered the safest country in all of Central America. But the negative international reputation persists and many people are still hesitant to visit the country. However, you can ask anyone that has been to Nicaragua and they will no doubt boast of the amazing experiences they had traveling through it, from the friendly and welcoming locals to the wickedly cheap prices to the gorgeous and memorable sights.

The Time to Go is Now

Nicaragua is a country that is quickly rising in popularity amongst travellers, as now could be the best time to travel to this fascinating country as it rebuilds and redefines itself as one of the most rewarding places to travel to on the planet. We have been travelling to Nicaragua for over 7 years and look forward to growing and developing with the country’s vibrant travel scene as we proudly show all of our trip members the amazing sights, sounds and experiences that Nicaragua has to offer!