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After being isolated from the world for almost its entire history, it is only in recent decades that the beautiful ancient culture of Laos and its stunning countryside has been readily accessible to travelers. A land of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, golden Buddhist temples and a traditional, spiritual way of life is what awaits you within the mythical borders of this extraordinary country.

A Preserved and Peaceful Culture

Although the arrival of tourists has brought a small influx of modern culture into the old-ways of living in Laos, the traditions of its culture have remained largely intact. From the quaint capital of Vientiane and other small cities along the rivers to the small hill-tribe villages in the mountains, a simplicity to living has reigned supreme over the fast-paced ways of the rest of the world, and this is what makes traveling through Laos such a breath of fresh air. Seeing men and boys shepherding small herds of water buffalo, women and children shining big smiles through dusty faces, and farmers loading and moving supplies on makeshift tractors and carriages that you likely have never seen in your life are common sights along the trails of Laos. And witnessing the amazing daily sights and rituals of Laos’ deep-rooted spirituality make each moment traveling through Laos a new and inspiring experience.

Legendary Landscapes

Covered in sprawling green hills and mountains that are carved up by deep, lush valleys and some of Asia’s most massive and life-giving rivers, Laos is a world where nature rules and can still be seen in its pristine and natural glory. The roads are narrow and windy, as they must follow the path that the mountains deem best through a countryside that’ll keep your face glued to the window every time you drive somewhere. Hiking almost anywhere within Laos will expose something new and extraordinary - elaborate cave systems along rivers, towering limestone karsts, waterfalls gushing through a break in jungle vegetation, and gleaming temples constructed atop huge hills. The adventures in Laos can only be limited by your imagination and willingness to go after them!

Sights Like You've Never Seen

From the moment you cross the mammoth Mekong River from Thailand into Laos, you will be exposed to a world like no other. Watch thousands of saffron-robed monks live a quiet life of spiritual discipline in the breathtaking royal city of Luang Prabang, a place so magical that the entire city was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lay back in a kayak or inner tube as you float down the serene Nam Song River near Vang Vieng and take in its vast beauty of limestone cliffs and emerald jungles. And although Laos’ communist government maintains strict rules on late-night activities, when the mood is right heading to a local bar or bowling alley (when in Luang Prabang) with your group can yield some of the most fun nights of your life! No matter what, each moment in the unique and stunning country of Laos will leave a lasting memory engrained in your mind for the rest of your days.

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