Cost of Living - 10 Day Portugal

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Your personal spending on your Portugal trip will include your meals, drinks, shopping, entertainment and any activities outside of those included in your FnEZ adventure.

For the entirety of our 10 Day Portugal Trip -- Lagos to Lisbon we would recommend a budget of $350 - $800. Any travel budget will fluctuate between personalities, so ask yourself: "What type of traveler are you?"

The Hippie brings about $350-$550 for the 10 days. They eat local food, bargain well at the market, find good prices on drinks, and picks and chooses their optional activities wisely! Often likely to continue traveling after their FnEZ trip is complete.

The Backpacker saves up about $550-$800 spending money. A bit more frivolous, but is aware of their budget. They take in most activities they are interested in, without going too extravagant. The backpacker likes to party, but is always looking for a good deal.

The Rock Star throws down $800 - $1000+: They are not too worried about their budget and they'll do almost everything, including lavish amounts of shopping and partying often. There won't be too much holding them back from activities, as this is their trip and don't want to let anything pass them by.


To help you work out your own budget, here are some examples of prices in Portugal (all prices in USD).

Food and Drink:
Beer: $2-4
Wine bottle: $4-10
Liquor (1oz):$8-15
Street Pizza (Per slice or Pie): $2-6
Inexpensive restaurant: $6-8
Middle Range Restaurant Meal: $10-18
Expensive Restaurant: $18+

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