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morning monks in Angkor Wat Cambodia
Beautiful Angkor Wat in Camodia
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Laden in history, both old and modern, adorned in rich and colorful Buddhist customs and home to arguably the most awe-inspiring ancient city in the world, the Kingdom of Cambodia is a land of beauty and mystery. The weather is hot and humid, the wildlife is lush and tropical, the people are outrageously friendly and the beaches are among some of the best in the world – Cambodia is without a doubt one of the most worthwhile places to travel to you’ll ever experience.

Explore the Lost City of Angkor Wat

In the heart of Cambodia, surrounded by massive trees and jungle and sprawled out over an area the size of Paris lies the Lost City of Angkor Wat: the astonishing ruins of one of the greatest kingdoms in the world. Its famous and picturesque wat that stands mythically behind a moat, only scratches the surface of the world that lies within the ancient walls surrounding Angkor Wat. Its hundreds of elaborate temples and monuments will leave you speechless as you gaze upon sights you thought only existed in movies and fairytales. The incredible world of Angkor was abandoned over 500 years ago and has been slowly enveloped by the encroaching jungle. However, the colossal trees that have grown through the ruins and wrapped their roots around the stones of the temples only enhances the spiritual mystique of Angkor Wat, one of the most wondrous places to see in the world!

Hidden Beaches of Paradise

Aside from its cultural splendor, the powdery white-sand stretching across the Cambodian coastline and bordering its tropical islands may be home to some of the least-visited and nicest beaches in Southeast Asia, offering a serene refuge to all fortunate enough to spend time there. There are many countries that come to your mind when thinking of where to find those perfect beaches, but Cambodia is usually not a place people think of. But right between Thailand and Vietnam, the beaches of Cambodia are just as awesome and far less popular. When laying down your sarong on the soft-white sand and staring out at the calm, azure water you’re likely to be surrounded by little more than a few beach huts and some massive limestone cliffs that only make you feel more like you’ve found a hidden paradise.

Friendly and Inspiring Locals

The wonder of Angkor Wat and the beauty of the beaches aside, one of the most rewarding aspects of traveling through Cambodia is meeting and learning from the locals, known as Khmers. The Khmers went through one of the most brutal and horrific wars in history and in a very short time have recovered with smiles on their faces and a resilience that is extremely humbling to visitors to the country. Learning about the tragedies of the war in museums and by walking through the killing fields in Phnom Penh is a sobering experience. However, sitting down for a beer and discussing the history of Cambodia with a Khmer will infect you with their optimism and inspire you with their fun-loving way of living and unbreakable spirit.

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