Black Friday

Our Black Friday sale is live! ! Limited discounted spots available. Use the following promo codes upon registration:

BF15 - 15% off any single trip*

BF20 - 20% off any combo trip*

All 2022 trips on sale. Here's a summary of the destinations we're running and when:

January - Costa Rica/Nicaragua
February - Costa Rica/Panama
March - Peru/Mexio/Colombia
April - Thailand/Nicaragua
May - Thailand/Vietnam/Bali/Greece/Costa Rica/Panama/Peru/Nicaragua
June - Thailand/Bali/Vietnam/Greece/Colombia/Peru
July - Thailand/Bali/Vietnam/Greece/Costa Rica/Panama/Nicaragua
August - Bali/Costa Rica

For a full list of dates and prices click here

Check out some of our feature combination trips for 2022!

20-day Costa Rica, Panama & Colombia
30-day Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua
20-day Thailand South & North
30-day Bali, Thailand South & North
50-day Vietnam, Bali, Thailand South & North

24-day Costa Rica & Peru
24-day Thailand & Bali

And many more!

* a combo trip is two or more trips combined.
*discount is for base trip only and not applied to flight prices.

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