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About Free & Easy /

Why Free & Easy

Vision Statement

Free & Easy adventures are affordable, life-changing travel experiences for 18 - 29-year-olds. Our intimate groups of like-minded individuals will provide travellers with a mind-blowing, fun, flexible and off-the-beaten-path travel experience. A Free & Easy trip will bring you closer to the discovery of new cultures, and friends from around the world. Our goal is to positively impact perspectives, promote conscious travel, create global citizens, and celebrate the beauty of our world.

Some Reasons Why:

Travel Worry-Free (& Easy!)

International travel to exotic locations can provide all sorts of headaches.  Managing your own bookings, making all your transfers on time, knowing where it's safe and how to act appropriately can be a big stress for travelers! Luckily, with our extensive experience in all the countries we run trips in, we've got you covered! Just show up and get ready for the adventure of your life!

Your Trip, Your Way

Our itineraries and trip style are super flexible. This means that you only need to participate in the activities you want to, we can help you set up any additional activities that you’re interested in, and you can even go off on your own or with a friend for a couple days if you want to explore an area we don’t stop at during the trip. It couldn’t be easier to have your dream trip!

Meet Lifelong Travel Buddies

We’ve seen THOUSANDS of people jump onto another FnEZ trip together or even head out on their own adventures with the new travel friends they’ve met on our trips. From sharing an earbud with you when your iPod dies on that 5 hour bus ride, to grabbing you a Gatorade when you’re sick, and droppin’ it like it’s hot all night long with you at the dance party, the people you meet on these trips will without a doubt become your lifelong travel buddies in no time!

Travel Rich For Cheap

One of the great parts about traveling in a group with an established company is that you find yourself in places you wouldn’t have found and probably couldn’t have afforded to visit on your own. From exclusive beach casas, to untouched surf breaks, desert camping hideaways, and unreal private islands, this is the way to feel VIP at backpacker prices!

Make Your Money Go Further

All taxes and fine print fees are included in the trip price. What you see is what you pay! We're not here to nickel and dime you; we want to give you the best backpacker experience at the best price - PERIOD!

Zero Interest Payment Plans

We understand the need to save up for the adventure of a lifetime, so we have payment plans that allow you to make incremental payments over the preceding months to pay off your trip for the exact same price as if you paid in one lump sum!  Need a custom payment plan to suit your financial needs? Just ask!

Price Match Guarantee

If you find a comparable trip being offered by another operator at a lower cost than ours, we promise to match it!

Free Airport Pickup

Booked flights with us? We'll pick you up from the airport in whatever country you're arriving in - absolutely free! Didn't book flights with us? No worries, we'll send you a detailed email with instructions how to meet us at our guesthouse!

No Tips, No Commissions

Here at Free & Easy, we DO NOT expect that you tip our trip leaders $5 per day of travel or anything along those lines because we don't want a "client/customer relationship." Your leaders are there to be your travel buddies, your mentors, and your life long friends. That’s why we don’t call them "tour guides." You wouldn't tip your buddies after going out for a fun night at the pub, so why would we expect you to tip your new travel friends?

Flexible Flight Booking Service

Don't want the hassle of trying to find your own flight? Not a problem! Choose the 'Flight Required' option upon registration and our team will reach out to you with details for your trip and flight. This will ensure that you arrive with most of the group.

Found a great flight from your home city to the country you're traveling to? Cool with booking it yourself? Great! Let our team know what day you'll be arriving and they'll send you instructions on where to meet the rest of the group.

Learn the Ropes & Travel On!

We at Free & Easy love solo travel as much as the next backpacker and we understand wanting to do a little solo exploring before or after your group trip. Our flexible flight booking service can cater to any dates that suit your schedule. So whether you're arriving a couple weeks ahead of time, or want an extra few days of chillaxing on the beach after everyone has flown home, just let us know. We'll be happy to customize your flight plan and maximize your travel experience!