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Our Travel Concept

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See the World

We want to change your life by raising the bar for what you consider to be the best time you've ever had, and at the same time we want to expose you to something completely foreign: another culture, a new landscape, a new way to live and a sense of freedom that most people never get to feel. We are travelers that create and run backpacker style trips all around the world for like-minded travelers.

Live Free & Easy

We want you to feel free and to take life easy. This is the root of what we believe makes for a great travel experience and simply shedding the anxiety of life at home and enjoying every moment of every day is one of our main goals. This is why we don’t travel with strict daily itineraries or force a handful of destinations into just a few days. We believe in traveling in a casual, unhurried manner that allows you to get to know a country, appreciate its beauty, interact with the local people and simply relax.

Your Trip is Your Trip

You should always feel like your trip is your trip, and you can make your trip whatever you want it to be. We’ll show you the best experiences and most amazing places a country has to offer and take away all the headaches of getting to and from each location, but you’re free to do as you please and we’ll help facilitate whatever you’re hoping to get out of your trip!

Meet New People

A huge part of traveling is the people that you meet and the friends that you make, and traveling with Free & Easy we can’t stress enough how amplified your experience can be by the people around you. We like to envision our trips as simply a group of friends traveling around and having fun together. Your group leaders are just as much a part of the group as everybody else and although they’ll always be there to help you along the way, they’re sure to join in all the fun as well!

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

There’s a reason that we call our customers travelers, not tourists and why our trips are called adventures, and not tours. We believe in providing people with the chance to not just see a country but experience it, too. On your trip, you’ll be exposed to an array of new things that you may not be used to and part of our goal is to stimulate your curiosity and open up a door in your life to the world of travel and to feel the amazing benefits of it in your life.

Epic Travel Alters Perspective

Free & Easy’s role in your trip is to set up the ideal framework of an epic travel experience. You’ll have a group of friends and cool destinations to travel to without concerning yourself with demanding planning details. You can relax, soak up the great things you encounter, and truly live in the moment. We not only want to show you an amazing country, we want you to experience a new way of thinking. Travel has provided us with a new perspective, and the essence of Free & Easy is to share that with you.