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Amazing archipelagos and long, uncrowded beaches frame a beautiful tropical country just waiting to be explored. A mixture of indigenous culture and modern development, Panama can throw you into a whirl of adventure and then spoil you with comforts. Expect a huge variety of things to do and ample opportunity to relax when traveling through Panama.

Untouched Natural Beauty

Nestled on top of the dense amazon rainforest, many don’t think of Panama as a lush, tropical highland country, but many people don’t think of Panama for much more than the famous canal that has defined its identity for a century. But in reality Panama is a surprisingly large and geographically diverse country, with unbelievably stunning tropical archipelagos on both coasts, towering mountains and hills covered in lush greens, dense rainforests with whole worlds to explore, and huge wide-open, white-sand beaches that reach down both its coasts and offer some incredible surfing. A third of all of Panama’s land is set aside as protected national parks and still to this day many indigenous groups live as they have for thousands of years in these pristine natural environments.

A Caribbean Island Paradise

Besides the scores of resorts in and around Panama City, visitors to Panama flock to its amazing islands that really are the picture of paradise. In particular, the archipelago of Bocas del Toro on Panama’s Caribbean coast boasts a wonderland of beauty and fun. This is the spot that we hit when we travel to Panama, because from scuba diving to surfing to partying, Bocas del Toro is among the best for each! Long white-sand beaches wrap around islands that have calm and clear turquoise water synonymous with the Caribbean on one-side and crisp, rolling waves that are great for surfing on the other side. Surfing in a setting like Bocas del Toro is surreal, but so is almost everything else you do there!

Laid-back, Cheap and Very Fun

Although we only explore a small portion of Panama, the Caribbean islands present more than enough for us to see and do during our time there. With Panama’s tourism boom still yet to hit, it leaves it less crowded than other destinations like this would be in more popular countries and keeps the price very nice and cheap! Getting by in Panama isn’t difficult and having a good time is just as easy, so we hope that after getting a taste for Panama on our Caribbean Retreat you’ll be inspired to travel to more of the country some day. And with its world of adventure awaiting, odds are that some day we will, too!