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Casa Horizon - A Free & Easy Surf and Yoga Retreat

Nicaragua property rental

In the deep south of Nicaragua, just a stone's throw from Costa Rica, there's the kind of beach you can only hope to stumble upon while traveling - Playa Escameca. Long and wide, this beach has only a couple of houses and a handful of beach bungalows dotted here and there, so staying with us means you're surrounded by nothing but ocean and nature!  

That also means you are about as far away from honking horns, pesky sales people, crowded waves and booming late-night parties as you can get. That's exaclty why Free & Easy jumped all over the opportunity to start building our very own little sanctuary for the travelers we know are out there looking for something authentic, peaceful and off-the-beaten-path.

We would like to introduce you to Casa Horizon, The Free & Easy Surf and Yoga Retreat! If you were ever a Survivor fanthen this beach may look familiar to you--it was actually the setting for Survivor Nicaragua 2010.

Casa Horizon exemplifies the Free & Easy approach to life. We want to live it simply and happily. Days in Escameca can be spent in so many amazing ways. Whether you're simply soaking in the serene beauty of the surroundings, grabbing a surfboard and catching some waves right in front of the lodge, practicing yoga, swaying lazily in a hammock, or kicking back with some cervezas next to a beach fire, you won't find anywhere more different from your everyday life. Here you can do as you like and experience the true freedom of getting away from it all.

Our retreat consists of 3 buildings, which include a total of 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, several common areas, and multiple beautiful hardwood decks, so you can soak in the incredible views of the beach and the EPIC horizon at sunset. 

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Prices -- All listed in USD

Now accepting bookings for Oct. 1st, 2016 and beyond! 

You can book single bedrooms or suites,


rent the FULL Horizon 5-bedroom house or Supreme Beach Cabin!

Please check the calendar below for availability. 

                                    High Season    Low Season      Shoulder Season


Horizon Suites                    $100                      $70                       $80
(Includes private washroom, hardwood floors, closet, desk, and 2nd floor balcony.)

Horizon Bedrooms             $80                       $50                        $60
(Based on 2 people/room. $22 additonal per person.)

Single Bed Shared Room   $22
(Option is only available for certain weeks of each month, unless you're part of a group booking.)

FULL Horizon House           $550                    $375                     $450                                                                       (Up to 16 people, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, massive kitchen, etc.)

Supreme Beach Cabin        $190                      $130                      $160
(Ideal for 2 - 4 people.  Includes private kitchen, living room w/ couches, separate bedroom, yoga deck, and amazing views!)

High Season (Nov. 15th - Apr. 15th)
Low Season (June 1st - Oct. 15th) -- 
Shoulder Season (Apr. 15 - June 1st & Oct. 15th - Nov. 15th)

Low season in Nicaragua often means there is more rain, but is there ever really a bad time to be in paradise? The climate always provides that tropical warmth and low season often means bigger waves!  Being on a secluded beach, with Pacific Coast sunsets, and the awesome Nicaraguan lifestyle is an amazing treat, and we hope you'll come experience with us! 

Reservations & Availability Calendar:
The reservation calendar below only allows bookings for 'Horizon Bedrooms' (with either 1 queen bed or 2 single beds), but if the dates you are looking at are available then it is very likely a 'Horizon Suite' is also available, or even the entire 5-bedroom house.

Please message us at to confirm availability of the Horizon Suites, or other accommodation requests.