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*Due to the shutdown of the travel industry, we are not currently hiring. We are still accepting and collecting applications though. So let's hope that the industry comes roaring back asap! :)

Please fill in the form below to add your name to the list of intrepid and exuberant travelers who lead adventures around the world with us!

PLEASE NOTE -  The following are requirements to be a group leader:

  • An unlocked smart phone.
  • A passport with at least 18 months left before it expires.
  • Valid CPR and Standard First Aid certificate.
  • Successful applicants are responsible for the cost of their own international flight to the destination of employment. Upon successful completion of the initial contract, Free & Easy will reimburse the employee of the cost of this flight.


We are currently giving priority to applicants who have previously been on a Free & Easy trip or are planning one in the near future. If this is the case please mention it in your application.

Our Latin American positions require Spanish. Please mention in your application if this is part if your skillset.

Please note that we have limited openings, but it doesn't hurt to get put on the list of impressive applicants! And the absolute BEST way to find yourself in a position to get a job is to come on a trip and let one of our current group leaders get to know you and pass it on to the hiring squad that you've got what it takes!

Due to the high volume of applicants we receive, we will only be contacting those who have passed our initial screening process. Sometimes, we need someone at a moment's notice and those that are ready to drop it all and hit the road step to the front of the line!


Grab your phone, put on the selfie camera and tell us a bit about yourself for around 90 seconds (not strict).  We just want to put a face to a name and get a sense of your general vibe.  Don't be nervous!

Please do not only send us your personal travel video showing you in all the places you've been to. It is great that you have experience traveling but we are looking to hear you introduce yourself and get a glimpse of your personality.  If you have some skills though and can see yourself contributing to our content then please by all means let us see that too, please!

Note: Only applications with video entries will be considered. Please upload your video to the web via Youtube, Dropbox, or another method and copy the link for the video into the text box at the end of this application.

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