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The Evolution of Free & Easy

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Free & Easy Traveler is a network of friends and family that have connected with one another through a love of travel to create and promote a company that provides life-changing travel experiences for people all around the world.

Founded in the year 2000 by a young 20-year old traveler named Curtis Smith, Free & Easy began as a way for Curtis to continue to travel and at the same time, share the amazing experiences he was having with a group of like-minded people. The concept became contagious and people were eager to get involved, including childhood friends, family and people who came on the trips, who quickly went from being customers to life-long travel companions and integral parts of the company.

Being a business comprised completely of people who are travel buddies and work colleagues has maintained the fun-loving and ‘free and easy’ way of living that can be found in everything that we do. As travelers, we want to design and share the best possible travel experience for anyone interested in travel because in the end, Free & Easy is all about enjoying life and experiencing the world and so that’s what we strive to accomplish with everything that we do.