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Toni Sweetland

Trip Leader

Calgary, Alberta

Favourite Attributes:
UNREAL at all things Karaoke related. I make amazing works of art on SnapChat. I can do a real mean Tom Delonge impression.


Favourite Travel Destination:
Sapa, Vietnam 

What countries have you travelled to?
Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Mexico, M'erica 

Why I Travel?
Travelling allows you to be fully immersed in the moment. There is no distraction of digital communication and a buzzing cell phone. Or that annoying voice in your head saying you need to wake up early for work tomorrow. Instead there are friendly fellow travellers down for some real life talking, and some really cool places just waiting for you to explore them!

A trip is the ultimate reward for hard work and saving up because you end up learning so much about yourself while you're away. For instance, After years of tackling the finest of many wing nights, I learned very quickly that "hot" wings do NOT compare to any version of spicy you will ever find in Thailand. 

Travelling takes you out of your element and gives you the opportunity to gain some perspective on how other people live their daily life, as well as how you live yours. Most importantly, you learn what pieces of yourself you will bring home with you, and what pieces you will leave behind.

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