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Do we work with travel agents?

Yes we do. We pay commission on bookings made by registered travel agents. For more information on our commision structure and how to work with us, please contact us.
What are the requirements to become an agent with Free & Easy Traveler?
We require travel agents to have a valid IATA number. Agents from Ontario need to be TICO certified. 
How do I sign up to be an agent with Free & Easy Traveler?
Please fill out our online registration form. As soon as we have reviewed your online application and approved it, we will send you an email with login information to our agency portal 'Global Porter'
How long does it take to be approved to be an agent for Free & Easy Traveler?
We will start processing your application as soon as we receive it. Please allow for up to 1 working day for us to review your application. If you want to start booking right away, please give us a call after filling out the online registration at 1-800-403-5208.
What is 'Global Porter'?
Global Porter is our online booking tool for travel agents. Registered travel agents can easily breeze through all our adventures, book travel, update traveler and agency information or receive details on commissions Free & Easy Traveler adventures to easily promote and book adventures for your clients.. Our online agent sales tools are available to make it easy for you to sell our trips.
Help! I have lost my agent login info.
Not to worry, just send us an email and we will get you back booking trips right away.

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