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Agent Commission

Commission Structure

Our agency commissions is based on a tier system. Free & Easy Traveler agrees to provide our selling agents with a base commission of 10% and pay an override based on the total annual booking sales through the term of this agreement:

*If you're unware of the commision tier structure on contract for your agency please contact

For all NEW agencies who have not entered into a custom contract with Free & Easy, please refer to this tier system below:

CAD $0 - $10,000 = 10%

CAD $10,001 - $20,000 = 11%

CAD $20,001 - $30,000 = 13%

CAD $30,001 - 50,000 = 14%

CAD $50,001 and over = 15%

If you're a new agency (not under Contract with an agreed upon higher tier) and are interested in exploring how to raise commission above 10% or opportunities for free trips & discounts on Free & Easy travel for you and your family/friends, or if you're willing to provide marketing incentives/ have a proposal to increase involvement, Free & Easy is then open to discussion to reward agencies accordingly, please contact

Agent Discounts

We offer discounted travel for registered agents of our Global Porter System where you can travel for 25% off the total 'Land Package' price of any Free & Easy Traveler trip.

*Please note the age restriction to join one of our set trip dates is 35 years old. If you're above this please contact us regarding any possible FAM trips!

Any companions that you like to travel with you can receive a discount of your current commission level (ie: 10%). Please note, commissions are not earned on these companion sales.

Additional Info

Free & Easy Traveler will also award additional discounts or trips to top performing agents on an annual basis.

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