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Marie-Claire O'Donoghue

Hey! I'm Marie-Claire, and I cannot wait for you to get out here and join me! Traveling has always been something I knew I had to do, but it wasn't until I got out and did it that I fully understood how significant it was to my personal growth and overall happiness.

I grew up in Calgary, but the rocky mountains were a significant part of my childhood. Camping, climbing, snowboarding, canoeing, hiking, and generally getting out of the city was a huge part of growing up. Although we didn't go on many exotic family vacations, anytime we left home there was an element of adventure involved. Trying new things and challenging myself has always been important to me, and has helped shape the way I travel today.

From experiences such as a dance conference in Brazil, to a semester abroad in Northern Ireland followed by travels through Europe, to many significant road trips through our glorious country, and an epic trip through Australia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, my travels through the years have deeply impacted me in a way I can't quite describe in a quick intro. When I was offered a chance to work for Free and Easy, the answer was simple; how could I say no to sharing and spreading such life changing experiences with others??

Traveling for me opened up a whole new way of seeing the world. After spending 5 years finishing a degree at University of Alberta, getting out and seeing new sights was exactly what I needed. More than the sights, the people I have met throughout the years have changed me more than they'll probably ever realize. It's not so much about the places you go and the things you see, but the people you meet along the way who show you more about the world than a tourist site ever could. Free and Easy allows you to see the sights, hang on the beaches, challenge yourself by trying things you never thought you would (did someone say bungee??!), all while being surrounded by amazing, like-minded people, willing and ready to experience it all with you. From other group members to the locals we meet along the way, every person you meet during your time out here will change you just a little bit (and some a lot). Meeting people while traveling is essential, and Free and Easy sets it up so there's no way you can miss out.

So pack that bag, and come experience all the adventures that await! I can't wait to show you the ropes and hopefully be a part of what makes your trip unforgettable. Get out here and get busy livin!

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