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Karim Moussaoui

Trip Leader

Yellowknife, NWT

Favourite Attributes:
Impersonations and shimmying skills. I can also passenger a family of 3, all our groceries, a goat, and a bale of hay while on a scooter.

English, Berber, Arabic, French, German(beginner)

Favourite Travel Destination:
Canary Islands, Spain.

What Countries have you travelled too?

Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, America, India, UAE, Spain, Netherlands, England, France,

Why I travel?

I travel to test the human capacity. By becoming so full from what we see and do, that feeling overflows to everyone we interact with spreading love all around the world! We're all aesthetic voyageurs reminding ourselves to seek out beauty in all that surrounds us; whether it be a rock formation or a sunset over the neverending ocean. I travel to remind myself that an absolutely outrageous amount of mistakes had to happen billions of years ago to get us to where we are now, so we may as well drink it in, literally! Cheers!

Meet the Family

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