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Ben Macneil

Travel Guide

Its always interesting to see, every time I talk to someone who has been to Thailand how their eyes widen and they have this big ear to ear grin on their face. I guess this is where Thailand gets the name “ the land of smiles” It's a place of no worries, where time doesn't seem to really matter and never fails to leave an impression on all who travel there.
When I first started this epic adventure with free and Easy, I had little idea what was in store for me in Thailand. I went from working outside in the cold -35c Canadian winters to meeting strangers in a plus 35c tropical paradise. Those “strangers” and I would go on to have some pretty wild adventures, we experiences that Thai culture while exploring jungle caves or the depths of the ocean, riding elephants, or just chilling beach side watching sunsets or maybe a sunrise after a good night out after the last bucket has run dry. Some of the best times I can remember are traveling with Free and Easy through Thailand… and that's when my love affair started with it! It rocked my world and the way I look at it – I now measure the success of my life by the friends I make and experiences I have.
After my trip, I couldn't leave…I explores more Thailand and surrounding area heading up north to Chang Mai for Thai new Year, and I also spent some time in Cambodia, but I always seemed to find myself drawn back to check out what crazy, fun things the Free and Easy team was up to. I found myself tagging along on other trips meeting more amazing people.
I come from a small prairie town in Saskatchewan, so naturally I have my rider pride. I’m a fairly laid-back guy but I have to say that I'm also the first guy to have his foot out the door at 9,500ft when someone mentions the word skydiving. Besides that I also lobe all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, scuba diving, and soccer. Also I quite enjoy trying weird and different foods (no matter how spicy or squishy they are), chilling to tunes in my hammock, meeting new friends and kicking it beach side with a cold one with the warm sun on my back. I spent a short time in Europe but most of my travels have been through SE Asia.
Back at home I have worked in the oil patch on and off between feeding my travel itch and my other little adventures for the last few years. But I am happily switching that up a bit and will be getting back into the student life in Saskatoon next fall working towards a degree in International studies. Also I am a lover of scuba diving and going to continue my dive training this summer, and eventually looking to get my dive masters. So if any of you are looking to do some rad diving count me in!
This is going to be my first year leading trips through Thailand and the Philippines, and I cant wait to make more memories, In really stoked to meet all of you! See you beach side!

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