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A Pirate's Vacation

The Map

"A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are built for!" Ships were made for sailing the seas like pirates, so get out of the harbour and live the Free & Easy pirate life in Croatia! We've got some deals that are better than GOLD that you are sure to love!

BUT...the thing is - each promo code is only good for ONE PERSON to use. So, you're going to have to act FAST to be a part of this pirate ship's crew and get in on the booty while you can!

If the promo code doesn't work it means that it has already been used, so try the next one!

* Only valid for our Croatia Yacht Week trip from July 6 - 15, 2017!
** Deposit required at time of registration.

The Bounty

Pirate Ship Captain:

Use the code PIRATECAPTAIN for CAD$600 off your yacht week trip!

First Mate:

Use the code FIRSTMATE for $500 off!

Master Gunner:

Use the code MASTERGUNNER for $400 off!

Powder Monkey:

Use the code POWDERMONKEY for $300 off!


Use the code SWABBIE for $200 off!


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