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Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Enjoy HUGE Discounts!

Travel with friends to receive huge discounts! Our Friends with Benefits program allows you and your friends to save on your trips by traveling together. What's fun with 2 is more fun with 3, and what's fun with 3 is more fun with 10! The larger your group, the larger the discount!

It's Better Together!

Hook up with your friends for the trip of a lifetime and we’ll hook you up with the discount to match.

Groups of 6 - 7 = 8% off per person
Groups of 8 - 9 = 10% off per person
Groups of 10 or more = 12% off per person

Sign Up!

To sign up for the Friends with Benefits program, just fill out the form below. We’ll send you back a voucher and apply the discount once a deposit has been received from each group member.

*Friends With Benefits discounts cannot be combined with other discounts offered by Free & Easy Traveler.
*The % discounted is off the LAND PACKAGE price of the trip.
*Friends With Benefits discounts are for use on INTERNATIONAL trips only.

Fill out my online form.

Terms & Conditions

These Friends With Benefit group deals are for new registrations only and can not be applied to existing registrations. A form above MUST be filled out prior to registration to redeem the discount. 

The discount is only valid for the 'land only' cost of your package. No discount is applied to international flights. If discounts are used in any way other than how we have specified, they will not be honoured.

Free & Easy Traveler reserves the right to adjust any group deals that are improperly used at any time after they have been submitted with a trip registration

The discount will only remain valid if all participants in the group deal have paid their full balance. Deposit is required at the time of booking**

There are a limited number of group deals available for each trip date depending on group sizes. Free & Easy Traveler reserves the right to deny or approve any Friends With Benfits group discount. 

*Prices include all taxes and fees, No Hidden Costs!

****This group deal is not valid for any of the trips listed below:

 3-day Snow Trips,

10 Day Thai New Years trip - 'The World's Greatest Waterfight',

10 Day Nicaragua New Years Trip - 'The Final Fiesta'

10 Days in Croatia - 'Free & Easy Yacht Week'

20 Days in South Africa - 'Cruisin' the Cape'

20 Days in South Africa - 'Livin' the Wild Life'