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Ultra Music Festival Extension


Ultra is a massive electronic music festival that originally started in Miami, and has since expanded to other destinations in the world including Korea, Chile, and South Africa and, of course, 'Ultra Europe' which happens annually in Croatia and generally has over 150,000 people attending the 3-day event. Top DJs from around the world play the festival and performances by Deadmaus, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, and David Guetta were just a few of the headliners from the 2016 event! This truly is one of the biggest parties in the world and, being that it is in Croatia, it's also priced very affordably compared to many other festivals around Europe. It’s a chance to be a part of something bigger than you that celebrates music, togetherness and unity across the globe…and of course you’ll have your new Free & Easy family by your side to make it just that much sweeter.

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The amazing thing about this festival is the way in which we're able to arrive at it! We have coordinated our trip schedule so that we complete our 7-day sailing adventure to line up with when the 3-day Ultra festival begins...and we will sail directly to the town where it takes place! The festival is not included as part of our 10-day Croatia experience, but if you choose to extend beyond the 10-days, we can provide you with a '4 day Ultra Extension' package to attend the festival.

The Ultra Extension will not be a fully guided trip experience like most Free & Easy trips, but we will coordinate some essential elements of your Ultra experience, to ensure you make the most of it!

Dates and Price

Ultra Music Festival Extension Package: July Dates TBA -- $490

What's Included

  • 3 day Ultra Music Festival Ticket
  • 4 nights accommodations near the festival
  • (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights. Friday night you can still stay on our Yacht for one last night.)
  • Introductory tips and advice on attending Ultra
  • Daily coordination by FnEZ representatives to help provide meeting spots for group meetups, and assistance with questions or concerns.
  • Accommodations will be located within a 15 minute taxi/bus ride, or a 1-hour walk from the entrance to the festival, so you will be in close proximity!  (Transport to/from Ultra is NOT included, but we can assist with arranging buses and taxis: approx. 5 - 10 euros/person/trip.)
  • If you've booked your flight with FnEZ, we will also provide your bus transfer to the airport on Tuesday after the festival. (There is an international airport near the festival.)